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(165) Dneska písnička “Dej si roušku”

Ahoj, jak to jde? Dneska pro tebe mám moc moc moc fajn epizodu. Protože v Česku už karanténa skončila a v dalších zemích taky končí, mám pro tebe karanténovou písničku. Budu mluvit napůl anglicky, napůl česky a vysvětlím, o čem ta písnička je. A potom si ji můžeš zazpívat taky. 

Message from Andy:

Hi Eliska,
I came across your website for the first time today and I just wanted to say that I really like your content. It’s not very often I come across videos that I can understand and are complicated enough to keep on listening to. Often I find that either it is far too fast or the opposite and it is too basic. I wish you the best of luck with it all and I really think that you have a great idea!

Mirai a Nikol Štíbrová – Dej si roušku

Potkal jsem na pokladně dámu postarší.
Říká mi: “Pane to vám stejně nepomůže,
ten hadr přes hubu mě jenom vystraší,
je konec světa nám už nikdo nepomůže.”

Mirai is saying that he met an elderly lady in the supermarket at the cash desk. This lady says that some floor/cleaning cloth (= hadr) will not help – she means that this cleaning cloth is the mask. And she says that it only scares us. She continues that it is the end of the world and noone will help us anyway: “Je konec světa nám už nikdo nepomůže”.

Mirai replies:

Roušku, dej si roušku,
nestyď se, chráníš mě a já zas tebe.

Which means put on the mask, do not be ashamed (nestyď se), you protect me and I protect you. (chráníš mě a já zas tebe).

Roušku, dej si roušku,
Mysli na druhé a ne jenom na sebe

Put on the mask, think of others, not only of yourself.

Kde mám tak asi vzít roušku, chytráku,
Když na celém světě všude chybí?

The lady replies: “Kde mám vzít roušku?” Where am I supposed to get the mask? She is calling him “chytrák” which means sort of smart alleck, we adress the person “chytrák” when we want to make fun of him because he wants to be smart but the result is not the expected one.

So, where am I supposed to get the mask? Když na celém světě všude chybí? When the masks are missing in the whole world, we dont have enough of masks.

Tak si ji třeba ušij doma v bejváku,
vždyť v japonském moři
nosí je i ryby.
Vždyť v japonském moři
nosí je i ryby.

But Mirai tells her that she can sew her own mask in her flat = even in her “bejvák”. Tak si ji třeba ušij doma v bejváku, sew your mask, sew it for example (třeba) at home = doma v bejváku. And Mirai continues: Even in the Japanese sea the fish wear the masks! Vždyť (after all) v japonském moři nosí je i ryby – even fish wear them.

Language notes

1) Dej si roušku

*How I understand the sentence “Dej si roušku”? Normally, when saying: Dám si kofolu” – this “dát si” means that we are having/ordering some food, I can have a fish in the restaurant, I can have a glass of beer. Dám si rybu, dám si víno. And “dej si” means command tense, so talking to a friend “Hey, have a beer – dej si pivo!” However, I learnt that in some Moravian parts of the country, people say “Dám si klobouk” meaning that I put on my hat. So dám si roušku = I will put on my mask. Dej si roušku – put on your mask! Have you heard it somewhere?

2) vždyť = after all

3) Nosí je i ryby. I can “nosit” = wear some clothes or glasses. And fish can wear masks, too. This “je” is reffering to “them“. Even fish wear them.


Mirai – DEJ SI ROUŠKU ft. Nikol Štíbrová
Hudba: Mirai Navrátil
Text: Mirai Navrátil
Produkce: Johny Rainbow, Mirai Navrátil
Mix: Johny Rainbow
Master: Ecson Waldes


  1. Housam Mhd

    Mockrát děkuji Eliško,

    to je fakt nejlepší epizoda.
    Díky tobě, teď chápu ta krásnou píseň.
    Děkuji… 🌺🌷👍🖐

  2. User Avatar

    Díky moc za tento hezký kompliment!
    Jo, tato písnička je supr :-)))

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